Your Training Requirements 101

To assist with the 2022 REA CPD annual requirements we have put together a comparison chart to clarify what course(s) you will need to take.

We hope that this chart will provide the clarity in helping you know what your annual requirements are in accordance with the 2008 REA Act.

Please let us know if this helps or can be improved in any way, this is here to reduce confusion, not add more! :-)


This is the fourth year now that the REA has switched from a single 10 year mandatory and replaced it with two 2-hour required mandatory courses and 6 hours of required elective courses (essentially a list of required courses you can pick and choose from).

What hasn't changed is the need to take 10 hours of non-verified training like in the years before.


So without further ado, here is the comparison chart which should help you understand which courses you need to take by 31 December 2022 in order to maintain your REA certified real estate license.

Purchase Reason
Bundles (to save money compared to individually buying the courses)
2022V 2022 REA
This purchase includes the two 2-hour required REA mandatory courses and 6 hours of required REA elective courses.
2022VB 2022 REA 10+10
This includes the two 2-hour required REA mandatory courses, 6 hours of required REA elective courses, AND the 10 hours of non-verified courses to meet the complete 20 hour training requirement.
Special Circumstances
2022V-Refresher 2022 Refresher
This course is for real estate agents that allowed their license to expire or suspend them before 2022 and are required by the REA to take this course to get their licensing back to being active
2019V-AML 2019 REA (AML only)
(NEW AGENTS ONLY) For those that just recently got their license, the 20 hour training requirement doesn't apply. However, that said, the AML course is a legal requirement that went into effect 1 January 2019 and holds all real estate agents accountable. So for those not needing the 20 hours training and not taking the 5 hours mandatory, you will need to at the very least purchase this course (which is included in all the other packages)