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Introduction to E-Mail Marketing


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Introduction to E-Mail Marketing

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Introduction to E-Mail Marketing

Table of Contents

Introduction to E-Mail Marketing

Session 1: Course Overview

Learning Objectives
Pre-Assignment: Article
Pre-Assignment: Questions
Pre-Course Assessment

Session 2: Getting to Know E-mail Marketing

What is E-Mail Marketing?
Goals of E-Mail Marketing
The Evolution of E-Mail Marketing
Advantages of E-Mail Marketing
Glossary of Terms
History of E-Mail Marketing
Modern Day Challenges
Where Does E-Mail Marketing Fit?
Getting It Right
Why do People Get Frustrated by E-mail Marketing?

Session 3: Setting Up Your Audience

Gathering Contacts
Developing Your Form
Case Studies
Can I Buy E-mail Addresses?
Rules and Regulations
Staying Current
Can I Send E-mail Marketing Messages From My Personal E-Mail?

Session 4: The Tools

Setting Up A Plan
What’s the Cost?
Choosing an E-Mail Marketing Provider
Your Guide to Success
Getting Started
Get Practical

Session 5: Designing Your Campaign Strategy

Looking at Your Campaign Strategy
Making Connections
What’s Your Campaign Strategy?
What Works?
Making Connections
Going Beyond the Basics
Case Study
Why Would You Want the Same Content Published on Your Blog Post as in Your Newsletter?

Session 6: Crafting Messages for Each Campaign

Pre-Assignment Review
Crafting Your Message
The Message IS The Message
Designing an Eye-Catching E-Mail
Case Studies
Choosing the Right Design
Design the Layout
Sample Template
Layout Considerations
Content Considerations
Making Connections
Make This Easy

Session 7: Good Habits Get Optimal Results

Be a Good E-Mailer, Part One
Be a Good E-Mailer, Part Two
Smart Rules Apply, Part One
Smart Rules Apply, Part Two
The Conversion Process
Don’t Panic!
What’s Your Opinion?
The Who and The How
Developing Different Types of Content

Session 8: What to Write

Give People What They Want
Google AdWords Keyword Planner
Using Ads to Attract Your Audience
Be Green…Evergreen That Is!
Evergreen Topics
Seasonal Topics
Building Off of the Topics
Idea Starters, Part One
Idea Starters, Part Two
Tips and Tricks
Let’s Get to Work

Session 9: Subject Lines and Action Calls

Great Subject Lines
Action Items
Use Strategy with Your Call to Action

Session 10: If It Doesn’t Get Measured, It Can’t Be Counted

Key Metrics
Revenue Per E-Mail Sent
Timing Your E-Mail Message
Test Before You Send
Split Testing

Session 11: Test Driving

Making Connections, Part One
Making Connections, Part Two
Making Connections, Part Three
Writing Your Initial Welcome E-Mail
A Personal Action Plan
Starting Point
Where I Want to Go
How I Will Get There
Course Summary
Recommended Reading List
Post-Course Assessment
Course Completion