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Introduction to Windows 10


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Introduction to Windows 10

[ZNV Windows]

Price: $ 39.95+GST

This online course is designed to assist new Windows 10 users, with skill development and general knowledge.

Table of Contents

Windows 10 - Part 1: Getting to Know PC's and the Windows 10 User

Session A: Identify Components of a Personal Computer

Personal Computers
Operating System
Application Software

Session B: Sign Into Windows 10

The Boot Process
The Lock Screen
The Sign In Screen
Ease of Access Menu
Shut Down Options Menu
Password Sign In
Activity: Signing Into Windows 10

Session C: Navigate the Desktop

The Desktop
The Taskbar
The Notification Area
Context Menus
Jump Lists
Dialog Boxes
Desktop Icons
Enabling Tablet Mode
Activity: Navigating the Desktop

Session D: Explore the Start Menu

Using the Start Button
Anatomy of the Start Menu
Live Tiles
Resizing the Start Menu
Viewing All Apps
Activity: Exploring the Start Menu
Review Questions
Review Questions - Answers
Lesson Lab 1-1
Lesson Lab 1-2
Course Completion