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Skills For The Administrative Assistant


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Skills For The Administrative Assistant

[ZNV AdminAssistant]

Price: $ 99.95+GST

Skill Development For The Administrative Assistant

Table of Contents

Skills for the Administrative Assistant

Session 1: Course Overview

Learning Objectives
Pre-Course Assessment

Session 2: Personal Best, Professional Best

The Importance of Appearance
Tips for Success
First Impressions Count!

Session 3: Putting Others at Ease

Making Connections

Session 4: Distorted Thinking

Angelique’s Thinking
Distorted Thinking

Session 5: The Steps to Feeling Good

The Steps to Feeling Good

Session 6: Understanding Assertiveness

Understanding Assertiveness
Opposite Ends of the Spectrum
Aggressive Behavior
Manipulative or Passive-Aggressive Behavior
Passive Behavior
Assertive Behavior

Session 7: Improving Your Assertiveness Skills

Using "I" Messages
"I" Message Steps
Dealing with Aggressive People

Session 8: Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Session 9: Asking and Listening

Asking Questions
Closed Questions
Open Questions
Clarifying Questions
Active Listening
Responding to Feelings
Reading Cues
Demonstration Cues
Tips for Becoming a Better Listener

Session 10: Non-Verbal Messages

About Non-Verbal Messages
Body Language
The Signals People Send

Session 11: Writing Skills

The Four C's
Be Clear
Be Concise
Be Complete
Be Correct
About Commas
Other Uses for Commas
When Not to Use Commas
About Semicolons, Part One
About Semicolons, Part Two
About Colons
About Apostrophes
Showing Possession with Apostrophes
Other Uses of Apostrophes
Spelling Tips and Tricks
Letters and Memos

Session 12: Getting Ahead

What Employees Want
Your Supervisor
The Survey Says…
What Others Want

Session 13: Self-Management

Creating Routines
Making Connections
Time Management Tips
Where Do You Stand?
Organizing Your Workspace
Setting up a Daily System
Priority Tray
The Incubator, Part One
The Incubator, Part Two
Being Proactive
Planning Guidelines

Session 14: Setting Goals

Setting Goals with SPIRIT
A Personal Action Plan

Session 15: Working as a Team

Vegetable Head

Session 16: Working with Difficult People

Working with Difficult People
Blending, Part One
Blending, Part Two
Identify Positive Intent
Identify Highly Valued Criteria
When Discussions Degenerate Into Conflict
Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

Session 17: Learning to Say No

Ways to Say No
The Persistent Response
Guidelines for Saying No
Making Connections
Case Studies

Session 18: Dealing with Stress

About Stress
Deep Breathing
Acupressure and Massage
Replace Worry with Problem Solving

Session 19: A Personal Action Plan

Starting Point
Where I Want to Go
How I Will Get There
Recommended Reading List
Post-Course Assessment
Course Completion