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Selling Smarter


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Selling Smarter

[ZNV SellingSmarter]

Price: $ 49.95+GST

(Available in Entrepreneurship Program or as standalone course)

The sales industry keeps evolving, and that means you need to keep growing too! Today’s successful salespeople focus on personal efficiency, delivering more to existing customers, and customer-focused selling. You can learn these skills with this course.

In this course, you will learn why consultative and customer-focused selling are so important. You’ll also learn about the sales cycle, setting goals, ways to increase your average sale, and where to find new clients.

Table of Contents

Selling Smarter

Session 1: Course Overview

Learning Objectives
Pre-Assignment: Questions 1 to 3
Pre-Assignment: Questions 4 to 6
Pre-Course Assessment

Session 2: Selling Skills

Essential Skills
Identifying the Skills for Success
Consultative Selling
Customer Focused Selling
Focusing on the Customer

Session 3: The Sales Cycle

The Sales Cycle
Initiating the Sales Cycle
Cold Calling
Finding Clients
Reverse Networking
Using Reverse Networking
Building Relationships
Finding Comfort

Session 4: Framing Success

The Power of Your Mind
Exploring Your Mind
Being Professional

Session 5: Setting Goals with SPIRIT!

Setting Good Goals
Creating SPIRIT Goals

Session 6: The Path to Efficiency

The Path to Efficiency
How You Manage Time
Strategies for Staying Organized
Using the Time Management Strategies

Session 7: Customer Service

Customer Service
Reasons for Buying
Client Wants and Needs
Wants and Needs
Client Requests and Impressions
Improving Your Customer Service

Session 8: Selling More

Enhancing Your Sales: Up-Selling
Enhancing Your Sales: Cross-Selling
Enhancing Your Sales: Value-Added Selling
Our Values
Perceived Value
Facts and Myths
Phases of the Value-Added Sale
Adding Value

Session 9: Ten Major Mistakes
Ten Mistakes

Ten Solutions – Mistakes 1 and 2
Ten Solutions – Mistakes 3 and 4
Ten Solutions – Mistakes 5 and 6
Ten Solutions – Mistakes 7 and 8
Ten Solutions – Mistakes 9 and 10
Our Solutions

Session 10: Finding New Clients

Finding New Clients
Looking for Clients
Roadblocks and Remedies
Our Roadblocks and Remedies
Successful Networking

Session 11: Selling Price

Selling Price
Selling Price Pros and Cons
Using the Pros and Cons
How Should You Approach Your Customers?

Session 12: Personal Action Plan
Starting Point

Where I Want to Go
How I Will Get There
Recommended Reading List