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Building Relationships for Success in Sales


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Building Relationships for Success in Sales

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Price: $ 49.95+GST

More than ever, people are looking to connect with others and build relationships. In order to be successful as a salesperson, you must know how to create an experience that will help you connect with your customers. This course will help you build relationships for success in sales.

This course will teach you how to leverage customer-focused selling, identify what influences relationships, expand your communication skills, manage your body language, develop a professional handshake, and grow your network.

Table of Contents

Sales Training: Building Relationships for Success in Sales

Session 1: Course Overview

Learning Objectives
Pre-Course Assessment

Session 2: Focusing on Your Customer

Customer Focused Selling
Minimizing Challenges
Becoming Customer Focused
Understanding Effort vs. Results
How You Fit in the Quadrants
Considering the Possibilities

Session 3: What Influences People in Forming Relationships?

Influences at Work
The Effect of the Influences
Building Customer Connections
Building Common Ground

Session 4: Disclosure

Self-Awareness and the Johari Windows
Understanding the Johari Window
Building Relationships with the Johari Window
Working with the Johari Window

Session 5: How to Win Friends and Influence People

About Dale Carnegie
Discussing Carnegie's Principles
Talking about Interests
Try to See Things from Their Point of View
Changing the View
Genuinely Like Other People
Liking Others through Common Ground
Make Them Feel Important
Remembering Names
Don't Criticize Others
Avoid Criticizing
What's in it for Me?
Comparing the Stories
Carnegie's Principles

Session 6: Communication Skills for Relationship Selling

Active Listening
Responding to Feelings
Reading Cues
Demonstration Cues
Tips for Becoming a Better Listener
Asking Questions
Using Open Questions
Creating Customer Focused Questions
Good Listeners

Session 7: Non-Verbal Messages

Non-Verbal Messages
Managing Your Messages
Qualities of a Good Voice

Session 8: Managing the Mingling

Understanding Networking
Tips for Remembering Names

Session 9: The Handshake

The Handshake
Improving Your Handshake
Tips for Success
Business Card Etiquette

Session 10: Small Talk

Small Talk
Making Small Talk
Starting Conversations
Small Talk Tips
Exit Lines
Creating Exit Lines

Session 11: Networking

Organizing Your Network
Networking Tips
Wise Words
Revisiting the Pre-Assignment
John and Jane
Questions for Reflection
Our Thoughts

Session 12: Personal Development

Personal Action Plan
Achieving My Goals
Recommended Reading List
Post-Course Assessment