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Dynamite Sales Presentations


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Dynamite Sales Presentations

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Research in business etiquette has shown that when you first meet someone, the first twelve steps you take are critical in forming a perfect first impression. A good sales presentation begins when you enter the room, and the best sales presentation methods take into account not only what you're bringing to sell, but how you present with it.

Table of Contents

Dynamite Sales Presentations

Session 1: Course Overview

Learning Objectives
Pre-Course Assessment

Session 2: Getting Down to Business

Types of Writing
Business Writing Basics
Business Writing Basics: Proposals vs. Tenders
About Proposals
Formal Proposals
Proposals... in Your Own Words

Session 3: Writing Your Proposal

Clarify Your Objectives
Analyze Your Audience
Evaluate Reader’s Knowledge
Where Do I Start?
Building My Case
Drafting a Proposal: Keep it Consistent
Obtaining Testimonials

Session 4: Getting Thoughts on Paper

Planning Your Proposal: Getting Started
Putting Your Thoughts in Order
Proposal Type
Mapping the Information
Sample Outline
When to Polish
Word Selection
Introduction and Background
Body of the Proposal
Resources, Budget and Authorization

Session 5: Basic Proposal Formats

Choosing a Format
The Benefits of a Good Format
The Basic Formats
Choosing an Approach
Comparing the Approaches
Example of a Direct Approach Proposal
Direct to Indirect

Session 6: Expert Editing Tips

Editing Tips
The Fog Index
Fog Index Example
Practice Piece

Session 7: The Handshake

Cultivating a Professional Handshake
Tips for Success
Evaluating Handshakes

Session 8: Getting Ready for Your Presentation

Preparation Tips
Presenting to Others
Presentation Techniques
Persuasive Language
Persuasive Language
Selling to Experts? Watch Out!

Session 9: Elements of a Successful Presentation

Your Body Language
Your Equipment
Make an Impact
Other Visual Aids
Your Message
Your Effect on the Environment
Your Initial Impression
The Rule of Twelve
Do You Look Approachable?
Positives and Negatives of Body Language
Positives and Negatives Example Responses
Sending a Positive Message

Session 10: Dressing Appropriately

Impressions Count!
Workplace Clothing
Sales Presentation Clothing
Dressing to Impress
Managing Scent
Creating a Professional Package

Session 11: Presentations

Presentation Preparation
Evaluating Your Presentation

Session 12: A Personal Action Plan

Starting Point
Where I Want to Go
How I Will Get There
Post-Course Assessment