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Kickstarting Your Business With Crowdfunding


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Kickstarting Your Business With Crowdfunding

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Today’s fast-paced marketplace demands that businesses think fast. Crowdsourcing can help all types of businesses keep on top of trends and stay competitive.

This course will show you how to leverage all types of crowdsourcing (including microwork, macrowork, crowdvoting, crowdcontests, crowdwisdom, and crowdfunding) to kickstart your business’ growth.

Table of Contents

Kickstarting Your Business with Crowdsourcing

Session 1: Course Overview

Learning Objectives
Pre-Assignment: Instructions
Pre-Assignment: Crowdsourcing Terms
Pre-Assignment: Crowdsourcing Types
Pre-Course Assessment

Session 2: What Is Crowdsourcing?

What Crowdsourcing Is and Where It Came From
A Brief History
Pre-Assignment Review
The Business Value of Crowdsourcing, Part One
Is Crowdsourcing Right For You?
When Crowdsourcing Isn't Right
The Reliability Problem

Session 3: The Crowdsourcing Process

Process Overview
Looking at the Stages

Session 4: Choosing Your Crowdsourcing Platform

Identifying the Options
Popular Platforms
Checking Out the Sites
Site Two
Site Three

Session 5: Types of Crowdsourcing

About Crowdvoting and Crowdcontests
Case Studies
Microwork and Macrowork
What is Microwork?
Advantages and Disadvantages
Case Studies
Microwork and Macrowork as a Hobby
Case Studies
About Crowdfunding
Case Studies
Case Study
Case Study Answers

Session 6: Social Media and Crowdsourcing

Using Social Media to Crowdsource

Session 7: Engaging the Crowd

It's All About the Crowd

Session 8: Test Driving

Test Driving
Our Top Tips
A Personal Action Plan
Starting Point
Where I Want to Go
How I Will Get There
Recommended Reading List
Post-Course Assessment