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Global Business Strategies


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Global Business Strategies

[ZE Global Biz Strat]

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Consider the different aspects of how business is conducted around the world. Various currencies, cultural customs, trade laws, border rules, import/export regulations, and more all come into play in each country (and sometimes within the states or provinces within it). To complicate matters further, these elements are constantly evolving. Add in the rapid pace of change of technology, legal questions surrounding the Internet and e-commerce, and growing security concerns, and you’ve got an extremely complex global marketplace.

This course provides an overview of the various factors that a business must consider before going global. Students will also begin considering how they can expand their business to the global marketplace using a variety of planning techniques. We strongly recommend that participants complete our “Entrepreneurship 101” and “Basic Business Management” programs before taking this course.

Table of Contents

Global Business Strategies

Session 1: Course Overview

Learning Objectives
Pre-Course Assessment

Session 2: Understanding the Global Business Environment

Defining Globalization
Making Connections
Factors in Globalization
Your Presence in the Marketplace
The Role of Human Resources
Open for Business
Exercising Knowledge (Pre-Assignment Review)
Top Trends
Take on the World

Session 3: The Global Trade Market

Evaluating Your Options
Supporting Organizations
Making Connections
Understanding Trade Agreements
How Trade Transactions Work
Transactional Dealings
Collaborative Transactions
Supply Alliances
Making Connections

Session 4: Products and Services

How Services Are Traded
Making Connections
Imports vs. Exports
Separating Products from Services
How Intangible Products Fit In
Contractual Entries
What's Your Value?
Developing Your Value Proposition
Mechanics of a Trade Transaction

Session 5: E-Commerce on the Global Stage

What is E-Commerce?
Making Connections
Protection of Information
Security Checklist
Basic E-Commerce Business Models
Give It A Go
E-Commerce Goals and Models
Making Connections

Session 6: Working in the Global Context

Bridging the Cultural Gap
Looking at Culture
Keeping an Open Mind
Stepping Over the Cultural Gap
Building Relationships
Making Connections
Tips for Bridging the Cultural Gap
Is There a Global Culture Developing?
Making Connections

Session 7: The Economics of Global Business

Managing Multiple Currencies
The Currency Conversion Process
Making Connections
Mitigating Your Risks
Basics of Trade Finance
Mitigating Risk
Export Credit Agencies
Getting Paid
Trade Finance and Technology
Making Connections

Session 8: The Logistics of Global Business

Introduction to Supply Chain Management
Keys to Success
The Need for Excellence in Supply Chain Management
The Supply Chain
The Supply Management Leader
Making Connections
Identifying and Meeting Documentation Requirements
Packaging and Labeling
Making Connections
Security and Safety
Transporting Dangerous Goods
Seeking Out Specialists
Negotiating Market Entry
The Negotiation Process
Influencing Elements

Session 9: Rules and Regulations

International Regulations
Public-Trade Law
Trade Agreements
Certificates of Origin
Extraterritoriality and Fair Trade
Price Cartels
The Role of the World Trade Organization
Health and Environmental Regulations
The Role of ECA's
Getting the Right Advice: The Legal Bits
Considering the Remedies
Arbitration or Litigation
Where to Litigate
Government Agencies
Testing the Waters

Session 10: Beyond the Rules - Ethical Concerns

The Ethical Conundrum
Ethical Dilemmas
Case Studies
Making Connections
Different Points of View
The Friedman View
Cultural Relativist View
Righteous Moralist View
Righteous Moralist View
Making Connections
Corporate Social Responsibility
The Three Levels
Making Connections
Case Studies
Codes of Conduct
Developing a Code of Conduct
Making Connections

Session 11: Choosing Your Growth Strategy

The AAA Approach
Leveraging Triple A
Case Study
A Strategic Approach
Making Connections

Session 12: Building Your Growth Plan

A Business Framework
The Purpose of the Plan
Outlining the Plan
Global Business Plan Worksheet, Part One
Global Business Plan Worksheet, Part Two
Global Business Plan Worksheet, Part Three
Global Business Plan Worksheet, Part Four
The Planning Process
Planning Worksheet, Part One
Planning Worksheet, Part Two
Planning Worksheet, Part Three
Market Evaluation
Pulling the Pieces Together
Making Connections

Session 13: Implementing Your Growth Plan

Getting Your Product or Service to Global Markets
Creating the Right Strategy
Making Connections
Marketing Plan Worksheet, Part One
Marketing Plan Worksheet, Part Two
Marketing Plan Worksheet, Part Two
Exit Strategy
Diagnosing Issues
Developing Product Names
Case Studies
Color Choices

Session 14: A Personal Action Plan

Starting Point
Where I Want to Go
How I Will Get There
Course Summary
Recommended Reading List
Post-Course Assessment