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e-Commerce Management


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e-Commerce Management

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E-commerce has been a part of the world’s financial landscape since the mid-1990s. It’s big and it’s getting bigger every day. E-commerce hasn’t replaced brick and mortar stores like some had predicted it would but it is a major part of today’s business world. Learn the skills here to manage your e-commerce business to success.

This course will give you the skills to develop, design, test and successfully run your e-commerce business. It looks at important components such as business plans and marketing while touching upon payment methods, software solutions, security and fraud awareness, and much more. With those topics covered you will have the skills to take your e-commerce business to the next level.

Table of Contents

E-Commerce Management

Session 1: Course Overview

Learning Objectives
Pre-Course Assessment

Session 2: Getting to Know E-Commerce

What is E-Commerce? (Part One)
What is E-Commerce? (Part Two)
A Brief History
Why Do Customers Buy Online?
The Six Models, Part One
The Six Models, Part Two
The Six Models, Part Three
The Language of E-Commerce

Session 3: E-Commerce Building Blocks

What's Your Goal?
The E-Commerce Business Plan
Company Description
Revenue Model
Products and Services
Competitive Analysis
Organizational Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Making Connections

Session 4: Software Options and Solutions

Looking at the Options
Options for Your Business
Test Driving

Session 5: Building Your Online Store

Your Internet Address
Overall Site Organization
Top-Level Page, Part One
Top-Level Page, Part Two
Call To Action, Part One
Call To Action, Part Two
Navigating Through Your Site
Search Box
Menus and Categories
Building Effective Product Pages
Sample Pages, Part One
Sample Pages, Part Two
Sample Pages, Part Three
Sample Pages, Part Four
Shopping Cart Features
The Checkout Process
Optimizing Your Checkout Process
Order Confirmation Page
Additional Site Elements
Contact Page
Frequently Asked Questions
Privacy and Information Gathering Policies
Shipping Options
Order Information
Member Information
Social Media Integration
Pre-Assignment Review

Session 6: The Finishing Touches

Testing, Launching, and Updating
Optimization Tools
Launching the Site
Post-Launch Testing
Split and Multivariate Testing
Making Connections, Part One
Making Connections, Part Two

Session 7: Creating an Engaging User Experience

Designing Engaging Web Content
Design Do's and Don'ts
Making Connections
Use Dynamic Pages
Leverage User-Generated Content
Using Responsive Web Design
Building Relationships
Making Connections

Session 8: Transaction Management

Credit and Debit Cards
Online Payment Systems
Mobile Payment Systems
Digital Cash
Cash on Delivery or Check by Mail

Session 9: M-Commerce

The Growth of Mobile Commerce
Top M-Commerce Retailers
Strategies for Success
What Does the Future Hold?

Session 10: E-Commerce Analytics

Key Metrics
Overall Site Metrics
Shopping Cart Metrics
Tracking Referrers and Keywords
Tools to Track Data
E-Commerce Management Tools
Customer Relationship Management Systems
Third Party Tools
A Final Note
Making Connections

Session 11: Supporting Your E-Commerce Business

Behind the Scenes Activities

Session 12: Marketing Your E-Commerce Business

Creating a Marketing Plan
Cycle Overview
Looking at the Steps
Essential E-Commerce Marketing Channels
Offline Media
Marketing with Social Media
Making Connections
Creating Promotions that Make You Money, Part One
Creating Promotions that Make You Money, Part Two
Creating Promotions that Make You Money, Part Three
Creating Promotions that Make You Money, Part Four

Session 13: Security and Fraud Awareness

Protecting Your Customers and Your Business
Building Trust with Customers, Part One
Building Trust with Customers, Part Two
Your Responsibilities to Your Business
Intellectual Property on the Internet
Fair Use Considerations

Session 14: Rules and Regulations

Trade Rules and Regulations
Privacy Regulations
Global Differences
Case Study
Making Connections

Session 15: A Personal Action Plan

Starting Point
Where I Want to Go
How I Will Get There
Recommended Reading List
Post-Course Assessment