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Networking for Success

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Networking for Success

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Business networking is all about connecting with others

Table of Contents

Networking for Success

  • Session 1: Course Overview
  • Learning Objectives
    Pre-Assignment Instructions
    Pre-Assignment Person One
    Pre-Assignment Person Two
    Pre-Assignment Person Three
    Pre-Course Assessment
  • Session 2: Assessing Your Networking Skills
  • Networking Dynamics
    Are You Committed?
  • Session 3: Identifying Opportunities and Customizing Your Approach
  • Creating Opportunities
    Preparing to Network
    Key Questions
    Things to Consider
    Customizing Your Approach
    Targets and Goals
    Unplanned Networking
    Do’s and Don’ts
  • Session 4: Creating a Positive First Impression
  • Body Language
    Interpreting Body Language
    Associated or Dissociated
    Towards or Away From
    Be a Conduit
    Getting Your Message Out
    Be a Conduit
    Pre-Assignment Review
    Remembering Names
    Repeat Their Name
    Write It Down
    Spell It Out
    Word Play
    Making Connections
  • Session 5: Your Memorable Intro
  • The Basics
    A Basic Format
    Sample Introductions
    Memorability Factor
    Worksheet – Example Two
  • Session 6: Starting the Conversation
  • How To Get Started
    The Basics of Small Talk
    Seven Steps to Mastering Small Talk, Part One
    Seven Steps to Mastering Small Talk, Part Two
    Seven Steps to Mastering Small Talk, Part Three
    Conversation Stimulation
    Keeping the Purpose in Mind
    The Complicated Parts
    Growing Skills
    Joining and Starting Conversations
    Getting Comfortable
    Plan Your Own Future
    Making Connections
  • Session 7: The Handshake
  • The Importance of a Handshake
    Five Factors
    Tips for Success
  • Session 8: Business Cards
  • Business Card Etiquette
    Tips and Tricks, Part Two
    Tips and Tricks, Part Three
    Electronic Card Sharing
    QR Codes
    In a Pinch
  • Session 9: Handling Tough Situations
  • The Things We Say
    Making Connections
    Six Strategies for Success
    What Others Say
    The Right Perspective
    Introverts and Extroverts
    Extroverts and Introverts
    Your Comfort Level
    Making Connections
  • Session 10: Following Up
  • Introduction
    Following Up
    Extending the Invitation
    Handling Rejection
    Case Study
    Making It Personal: Phone Calls
    Making It Personal: E-mail and Text Messages
    Making It Personal: Meetings
    Choosing to Abstain
    Opting In
  • Session 11: Organizing Your Network
  • Contact Management Systems
    Choosing a System
    About Integrated Systems
    Mastering Networking
    Skills to Develop
    Keeping a Journal
    Sample Journal Entry
    Setting Goals
    Independent Growth
  • Session 12: Leveraging the Internet
  • Using LinkedIn
    LinkedIn Status Updates
    Getting Connected
    Second and Third Degree Connections
    Using Groups, Part One
    Using Groups, Part Two
    Using Twitter
    Getting Started with Twitter
    Your Name
    Strong Connections
    Using Lists on Twitter
    Using Lists
    Using Facebook
    First Steps
    Next Steps
    Due Diligence
    Now You Can!
    Know Your Tools
  • Session 13: A Personal Action Plan
  • Starting Point
    Where I Want to Go
    How I Will Get There
    Recommended Reading List
    Post-Course Assessment