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Intro to Electronic Signatures


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Intro to Electronic Signatures


Price: $ 34.95+GST

An introductory course, covering the history, legal status, use in Real Estate and future of Electronically Signed documents. This course replaces our older course and has been entirely re-written from scratch.

This course will also review the major vendors, providing eSign services.

Table of Contents

What Do We Mean By Electronic Signatures
Electronic signature
Are Electronic Signatures Legally Binding?
Not All Electronic Signatures Hold Legal Water
An Early Review of The Act
eSign Service Comparisons
Yozones - An Originator
Yozons -Introducing Open eSignForms Video
DocuSign Demo
EchoSign From Adobe
Singority Electronic Signatures
Signotity Demo Video
Signority Audit Sample
SecuredSigning Service
Right Signature
Right Signature - Plans & Features
eSign Genie Quick Overview
eSign Genie Features Comparison
eSign For FREE - Almost That Is
Appendix 1 - Can e-Agent Assist In Setting Up My eSign Service?
What Features Are Required For Electronic Signatures In NZ Real Estate