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Public Relations Boot Camp


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Public Relations Boot Camp


Price: $ 59.95+GST

The field of public relations has changed with the evolution of computers and the speed with which information can spread. However, the need for public relations to be clear, concise, and accurate while being completely appropriate for the situation has not changed. In this comprehensive course, you will learn how to determine the type of information required, to approach PR strategically, create compelling releases, and manage your media relations.

Table of Contents

Public Relations Boot Camp

Session 1: Course Overview

Learning Objectives
Pre-Course Assessment

Session 2: Public Relations

The Print Era
Elements for Success
Pre-Assignment Review
What Public Relations Is All About
What it Means to Get Strategic
What it Means to Get Strategic

Session 3: Building Your PR Plan

Defining Reality
Checklist for Success
The Five Phases
What’s the Goal?
Functions of PR
Getting Support
Key Supporters
Defining Strategy and Tactics
Defining Strategy
Defining Tactics
The Plan
The Eight Phases
Getting Down to Business

Session 4: Structuring Messages

Creating Your Media Image
Making Connections
Getting Clear on Your Message
Making Connections
What is a Media Kit?
Components of a Media Kit
Sample Media Kit: Award Ceremony
Sample Media Kit: Crisis Situation
Sample Media Kit: Logo Redesign
Attention to Style
Creating Strong, Positive Messages
The MEDIA Model

Session 5: Establishing Media Guidelines

Defining Guidelines
Two Groups are Better Than One
Selecting a Spokesperson
Select Great Communicators
Approval Process

Session 6: Managing the Media

Building Rapport with Reporters
Tough Questions
What is a Sound Bite?
The SIM Model
Timing is Everything!
Sample Sound Bites
Getting Creative
Options When You Have 'No Comment'

Session 7: The Press Release

Before You Start
Other Options
The Basics
Give it a Shot

Session 8: PR and the Crisis

Business Continuity and Recovery
Setting Priorities
Essential Crisis Plan Elements
Exercising Options
Reviewing and Revising

Session 9: Social Media and Public Relations

Where It Is
Making Connections
Monitoring Tips and Tricks
Making Connections

Session 10: A Personal Action Plan

Starting Point
Where I Want to Go
How I Will Get There