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Conducting Accurate Internet Research


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Conducting Accurate Internet Research


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As the Internet grows, it becomes more challenging to find the correct information from a reliable source in a timely manner. As research expert Gary Price puts it, “The haystack is growing and finding the needles takes more time and requires greater skill.”This course will teach you how to conduct accurate Internet research by creating a search plan, searching both the surface web and the deep web, and staying organized. You will also learn how to think critically and find the best sources for your Internet search.

Table of Contents

Conducting Accurate Internet Research

1. Course Overview

2. Creating a Search Plan

Key Elements of a Search Plan

Getting Focused

3. Searching the Surface Web

What is a Search Engine?

Building a Keyword List

Step-By-Step Searching Guide

Performing an Advanced Search

Searching for Quick Facts

Internet Scavenger Hunt


4. Diving Into the Deep Web

About the Deep Web

Making Connections

5. Searching for Multimedia

Search Techniques

Making Connections

6. Assessing Research Sites

Analyzing Your Sources

Making Connections

Checking Your Facts

7. Staying Organized with Research Tools

8. Citing Sources

9. Personal Action Plan

10. Recommended Reading List

11. Post-Course Assessment