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Negotiating Strategies For Real Estate


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Negotiating Strategies For Real Estate


Price: $ 59.95+GST

This five hour course seeks to provide an introductory, but reasonably in-depth examination of the ever critical agent function of negotiation. Presents various approaches to negotiating Strategy and makes practical recommendation.

Table of Contents

Introduction To Negotiating Strategies For Real Estate Salespeople

Session 1: Negotiating is both a science and art

Session 2: Intro to Negotiating 1

Session 3: Negotiation - Basic Principles & Concepts

Session 4: Before negotiating anything, set your goals

Session 5: Know the person on the other side

Session 6: Walk a mile in their shoes

Session 7: Location, location, location matters in negotiations

Session 8: Demanding, never a good greeting

Session 9: Stop Negotiating – It Doesn’t Work

Session 10: Should you go extreme or seek middle ground

Session 11: Go with your personality not against it

Session 12: Respond, don't over react

Session 13: Body language, yours and theirs; it goes both ways

Session 14: Know when to hold them, when to fold them and when to walk away

Session 15: Sometimes terms trump price, so always include them

Session 16: The most effective negotiating strategy known to man

Session 17: Always leave them hoping to work with you again