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Communications for Small Business Owners


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Communications for Small Business Owners


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Communication between individuals is a two-way street, but communication between a small business and its customers is a multi-lane highway. Navigate this highway successfully and you increase customer numbers and profits. Set out on this highway unaware, ill-prepared, or unconvinced of its importance, and you will lose ground to your competitors.This course will introduce and reinforce the essential components of written communication that will connect you with existing and potential customers. If you are new to the communications highway, this course will provide the foundation for future development. If your company has some communications expertise, this course will help you strengthen and polish your essential components.

Table of Contents

Communications for Small Business Owners

1. Course Overview

2. Key Communication Components

What Communication Is All About

Pre-Assignment Review

3. The Building Blocks

Business and Marketing Strategy

Public Relations Plan

Working on the Plan

Elevator Pitch and Executive Summary

Developing Your Pitch

Practice Makes Perfect

4. Your Communications Plan


Selecting Your Communications Destination

Choosing a Communications Route

Making Connections

Establishing a Communications Vehicle

Developing an Approval Process

Inbound vs. Outbound: How Can We Help You?

5. The Five C’s of a Successful Message

Be Clear

Be Concise

Be Complete

Be Correct

Be Compelling

6. Communication Strategies

Setting a Goal for Each Communications Piece

Strengthening Your Core Message

7. Sharing Information Through Media Releases

Key Pieces of the Media Release

Drafting Your Message

Getting Into It

8. Communicating Online

Blogging Tips and Tricks

Making Connections

Connecting Through Social Media

Social Media Plan Worksheet

9. Using Stories to Communicate

The Importance of Story

Tell Me A Story

10. Polishers and Time Savers

Communication Fact Sheets

Getting It Together

Reduce, Re-Use, and Recycle

11. Enhancing Your Results

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing Our Results

Taking Your Communication Pulse

Focusing on the Research

SWOT Analysis

Making Connections

12. Maintaining Your Message in Crisis

13. Personal Action Plan

14. Recommended Reading List

15. Post-Course Assessment