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Customer Service: Critical Elements of Customer Service


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Customer Service: Critical Elements of Customer Service


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As the global Internet population continues to grow, electronic commerce is growing as well. By the end of 2015, e-commerce is expected to generate over $400 billion annually. This huge market encompasses traditional e-commerce, as well as m-commerce (which is growing faster than any other sector) and location-based e-commerce.This course will teach entrepreneurs how to develop, market, and manage an e-commerce business, giving them a crucial advantage in today’s competitive market.

Table of Contents

E-Commerce Management

1. Course Overview

2. Getting to Know E-Commerce

What is E-Commerce?

The Six Models

The Language of E-Commerce

3. E-Commerce Building Blocks

What’s Your Goal?

The E-Commerce Business Plan

Making Connections

4. Software Options and Solutions

Looking at the Options

Test Driving

5. Building Your Online Store

Your Internet Address

Navigating Through Your Site

Building Effective Product Pages

Shopping Cart Features

Optimizing the Checkout Process

Additional Site Elements

Pre-Assignment Review

6. The Finishing Touches

Testing, Launching, and Updating

Making Connections

7. Creating an Engaging User Experience

Designing Engaging Web Content

Building Relationships

Making Connections

8. Transaction Management

9. M-Commerce

10. E-Commerce Analytics

Key Metrics

Tools to Track Data

Making Connections

11. Supporting Your E-Commerce Business

12. Marketing Your E-Commerce Business

Creating a Marketing Plan

Essential E-Commerce Marketing Channels

Marketing with Social Media

Making Connections

Creating Promotions that Make You Money

13. Security and Fraud Awareness

Protecting Your Customers and Your Business

Intellectual Property on the Internet

14. Rules and Regulations

Trade Rules and Regulations

Privacy Regulations

Making Connections

15. Personal Action Plan

16. Recommended Reading List

17. Post-Course Assessment