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Workplace Success: Seven Key Skills You'll Need


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Workplace Success: Seven Key Skills You'll Need


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There have been a number of studies that identify the key skills that workers need to be successful. Various studies call them different things - critical employability skills, soft skills, or transferrable skills. Regardless of the name these skills are critical for workplace success. Eight of the most commonly identified skills are: Being a Productive Team Member, Flexibility, Problem Solving, Resourcefulness, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Self-Confidence, Creative Thinking and Emotional Intelligence. Many of us possess one or more of these attributes already and perhaps all of them. Luckily these skills can be improved upon through training.This course looks to take you from where you are now to a new level of understanding for the key skills that will help to make you successful at work.

Table of Contents

Workplace Success – Eight Key Skills You’ll Need

1. Course Overview

2. Being a Team Player

Team Member Roles and Responsibilities

3. Flexibility

Change Exercise

Change Tolerance

4. Problem Solving

What is a Problem?

Eight Essentials to Defining a Problem

5. Resourcefulness

Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Characteristics of Resourcefulness

6. Feedback

Giving and Receiving Feedback

7. Self-Confidence

What Does Self-Confidence Look Like?

Building Self-Confidence

8. Creative Thinking

Methods for Creative Thinking

Other Methods

Creative Thinking Exercise

9. Emotional Intelligence

History of Social and Emotional Intelligence

Defining Social and Emotional Intelligence

10. Personal Action Plan

11. Recommended Reading List

12. Post-Course Assessment