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Introduction to Social Media


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Introduction to Social Media


Price: $ 59.95+GST

This five hour Non-Verified Introductory level course will give you an overview of Social Media, as it is appled in business generally and real estate specifically:

Table of Contents

Introduction to Social Media

Session 1: What is Social Media and why should you care.

Session 2: Getting into Social Media means doing a lot more than just getting a Facebook page.

Session 3: Making some good early SM decisions, will increase the result, not making them will hurt.

Session 4: Different SM tools for different outcomes.

Session 5: Facebook, more than family pics and recipes.

Session 6: Intellectual property; what’s your is yours & what’s theirs isn’t yours.

Session 7: A little bird may tweet, but Twitter is more like an a screaming eagle.

Session 8: Google+, circles, conversations by topic and so much more.

Session 9: Blogging, easy to start, but requires “Hanging-In-There”.

Session 10: LinkedIn, professional SM with long lasting benefits.

Session 11: Oh Yes, Just One More Thing!