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Using eSign Genie


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Using eSign Genie


Price: $ 59.95+GST

This is a course for those who are interested in learning to use eSign Genie (the #1 ranked eSignature service). The eSign&Secure course is not a formal prerequisite to this course.

Having completed this course the user will be able to employ electronic signatures inn their real estate practice and gain the security of knowing that they can demonstrate strong "Best Practices" methods.

This course will require that you sign up for a FREE eSign Genie account, giving you a working environment on which to learn. There is no requirement, that you continue using the system, once you have completed the course, though access to it remains available to you at no cost.

Table of Contents

eSign Genie Introduction
Upload PDF to Create a Reusable Template
Send Document for Esignature using Reusable Template-quicktime.mov
Creating eSign Genie documents to be sent and signed
How To Use The Three User Guides
eSign Genie User Guide
Making EG Work For You
Getting Others To Use EG
What is e-Agent Doing to Make eSign a Popular Service?
Time To Try It Out
EG Course Satisfaction Survey