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Active Listening


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Active Listening

[ZNV ActiveListening]

Price: $ 59.95+GST

An Introduction To Active Listening Skills

Table of Contents

Active Listening

Session 1: Course Overview

Learning Objectives
Pre-Course Assessment

Session 2: Defining Active Listening

What is Active Listening?
Responding to Feelings
Reading Cues
Demonstrating Listening
Identifying Good Listeners
Tips for Becoming a Better Listener
Pre-Assignment Review

Session 3: Body Language Basics

Silent Messages
Making Connections

Session 4: Attitude is Everything!

Understanding Sympathy and Empathy
Demonstrating Empathy
Creating the Right Mindset
Reframing the Situation
Establishing Positive Intent
Maintaining Focus
Being Genuine
Considering Your Purpose
Making Connections
Constructing Your Response

Session 5: Encouraging Conversation

What Is Said and What Is Heard
The Ladder of Inference, Part One
The Ladder of Inference, Part Two
The Ladder of Inference, Part Three
The Ladder of Inference, Part Four
Reflection: Using Your Own Experiences as a Resource
Asking Questions, Part One
Asking Questions, Part Two
Probing Techniques, Part One
Probing Techniques, Part Two
Paraphrasing Techniques
Echoing Techniques

Session 6: Building Relationships

Building Common Ground
Finding Common Ground
Using Humor
NLP Tips and Tricks
Associated or Dissociated
Towards or Away From

Session 7: Getting Over Listening Roadblocks

Problems and Solutions
Making Connections

Session 8: A Personal Action Plan

Starting Point
Where I Want to Go
How I Will Get There
Recommended Reading List
Post-Course Assessment
Course Completion