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Negotiating Strategies For Real Estate


Negotiating Strategies For Real Estate


Utu: $ 59.95+GST

This five hour course seeks to provide an introductory, but reasonably in-depth examination of the ever critical agent function of negotiation. Presents various approaches to negotiating Strategy and makes practical recommendation.

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Introduction To Negotiating Strategies For Real Estate Salespeople

Session 1: Negotiating is both a science and art

Session 2: Intro to Negotiating 1

Session 3: Negotiation - Basic Principles & Concepts

Session 4: Before negotiating anything, set your goals

Session 5: Know the person on the other side

Session 6: Walk a mile in their shoes

Session 7: Location, location, location matters in negotiations

Session 8: Demanding, never a good greeting

Session 9: Stop Negotiating – It Doesn’t Work

Session 10: Should you go extreme or seek middle ground

Session 11: Go with your personality not against it

Session 12: Respond, don't over react

Session 13: Body language, yours and theirs; it goes both ways

Session 14: Know when to hold them, when to fold them and when to walk away

Session 15: Sometimes terms trump price, so always include them

Session 16: The most effective negotiating strategy known to man

Session 17: Always leave them hoping to work with you again