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Privacy: How It Relates To Real Estate


Privacy: How It Relates To Real Estate


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This practical course, examines the issues of Privacy as it relates to New Zealand and more specifically to how it relates to the professional practice of Real Estate.

Much of the course emphasis is on distinguishing the agent's responsibility for client/customer privacy, with the fiduciary responsibilities called for in "Agency" practice. The course material also examines strategies for meeting disclosure requirements, while protecting privacy.

This course should leave the eLearner far less confused and more confident in their interactions with clients/customers.

Tuhinga o nga mea

Privacy, Understanding the Concept
Wikipedia's Definition
Privacy Author & Snowden's Partner Speaks About Privacy
Privacy - The Office of the Commissioner
Twelve Principals of Privacy from the Act
Privacy - Topics
Vendor's Privacy
Purchaser's Privacy
Privacy & Marketing
Final Thoughts