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FaceBookPro Page Design

FaceBookPro Page Design


Price: $ 395.00+GST each

There are Facebook users and then, there are FacebookPro Business users. What is the difference? Business!

Facebook can be little more that a place to hype the life style you may or may not really be living. It may be a place to share cat, kid and toy pictures and not much more.

Or, Facebook can be the key to finding new customes and converting customers into clients. The choice is certainly yours to make, but for those who want to go beyond wishing for more commissions, to those actually receiving them, there is e-Agent® InstantOn™ service.

Meant to be used in conjunction with e-Agent's Advanced Facebook non-verified course, FacebookPro ensures that you will have a Facebook presence "sticky" enough to attract and hold the attention of an ever increasing client base.

So what do you actually get for your $395.00?

  • A professionally designed FacebookPro page, with a graphical "look and feel" that reflects your professional practice.
  • An advanced  personal/business profile.
  • Multiple "Tabs" (pages) that can be used for in-depth service marketing, including photo-galleries for your current and sold listings.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which is critical to having your Pro page found.
  • A link to your companies page, with your listings. (If you do not have a personal website, you can arrange for e-Agent to develop one Here:)

As an example of what is possible, here is the e-Agent Directory Facebook page:

e-Agent Directory