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eSignatures Service

eSignatures Service


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What Is It & Why You Might Want It?

The world changed in 2000, when PresidentBill Clinton signed the first "Electroninc Transaction Act", not just "permitting" eSignatures, but actually "mandating" them. In the 16 years since, eSignature acts have been adopted in some 28 countries (including Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, Russia, the United States) and the entire European Union.

What this all means is that there is now essentially world-wide acceptance of electronic signatures, as valid and binding legal equivalents of personal pen-on-paper signatures. But, it actually means much more:

  • Such electronic signatures are considered the equivalent of a "notarised" signature, for legal enforcement purposes.
  • Electronic signatures produced in any one jurisdiction are to be accepted in all other participating jurisdictions.

This is a very powerful business option because:

  • It permits you to obtain a binding signature from a person in a distant location.
  • It allows for documents to be "updated" and resigned, without delays.
  • It allows for the application of "workflow controls", which include dictating the order of document signing.
  • and much more...

OK, so this sounds really great, but

  • It must be expensive, right? Wrong, the eSignGenie system is "cheap-as-chips". Indeed, far less expensive than the dollars you now spend running around and faxing requests for traditional signatures. You can even have a trial account for FREE!
  • It must be complex, right? Wrong, plain English guides and video tutorials make learning this "easy-peasy". In addition, e-Agent provides support for eSignGenie.
  • It must be difficult, getting others to accept these electronic signatures, right? Wrong, the New Zealand government mandates acceptance and the courts have consistently supported their use.

So, to get that previously mentioned 30 day FREE eSignGenie trial account, Click Here.

e-Agent Academy has a vey in-depth non-verified course, on making good use of the eSignGenie system. You can find that course Here: